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Got pain?


Suffering from pain? The pain program will provide an individual treatment for your specific pain by using:

  •             Prolotherapy and Acupuncture
  •             Acupuncture Only
  •             Prolotherapy Only

Depending on the type of pain prolotherapy and acupuncture both may be necessary for the treatment of pain. Prolotherapy is more invasive than acupuncture and focuses on specific areas of the body, i.e. joint spaces and trigger points (tender places on the body that radiate pain).

Acupuncture can help alleviate pain through a series of treatments, and can get the body back into alignment and flow using the Chinese meridians and channels.

Prolotherapy is a very specific treatment using injectables into painful joint regions promoting the healing to occur to strengthen loose ligaments and lessen the strain of tight tendons. It is great for any acute or chronic painful joints or back pain due to arthritis, sports injuries, aging, normal wear and tear. It is more natural and more effective in promoting healing, then steroid injections or nerve blocks. It has lasting immediate affects. Prolotherapy can be used in most all joints and anywhere there is PAIN. It can easily be used in conjunction with acupuncture or chiropractic care.
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