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Vitality Programs

Healthy Living

These 4 customized Vitality programs are available to optimize you health and vitality naturally!!!

Your symptoms of weight loss , fatigue, allergies, hormone imbalance, pain and fertility challenges. These programs will enhance the healing process by using acupuncture, nutrition, vitamin shots, prolotherapy, qigong exercises, and testing for mineral balance via hair analysis, Adrenal Saliva test, and food allergies testing.
These programs are designed to promote overall wellness with consistent care, attention, and accountability for your healing process. The wellness programs provides:

  •       Individualized treatment plans for any age, stage, or condition
  •       Optimized treatments to better health and wellness
  •       Continuity of care that is consistent with achieving your health goals
  •       Commitment to improving health and wellness

Each patient’s programs is individualized by the following assessments and treatments:

Adrenal stress index (ASI)-This test assesses the saliva, and measures DHEA, cortisol, SIgA (immune system), 17-OH progesterone, insulin, and gluten sensitivity.
Female Hormones– 3 estrogens, testosterone, DHEA, Progesterone, LH, FSH
Male hormones– estradiol, progesterone, DHEA, DHT, testosterone, LH, FSH
Hair Analysis– Minerals, toxic elements and balance affecting the endocrine and body systems.
B-shot– Intramuscular injection of high dose water-soluble vitamin b complex.
Prolotherapy– Injecting dextrose, lidocaine, B12 into painful joint spaces or superficial trigger points to reduce pain and increase joint stability.
Acupuncture– Energy medicine that uses moxa and hair-thin needles to move stuck energy (Qi), increase blood flow and nerve conduction in the body’s energy merdians (channels).
ALCAT– Food allergy testing

Each program runs the length of two to three (2-3) months in duration. The patient will come in weekly or bi-weekly to complete the series of treatment allocated for the wellness program of their choice and/or medical necessity.

Contact Dr. Christina Kovalik regarding program pricing.