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Having a chronically ill child, we’ve been to doctors her whole life. We’ve been to lots and lots of them including two homeopaths, yet none seemed to treat the source of her illness properly and completely. Dr. Kovalik is a listening, peaceful person who hears the complete story and easily, non-invasively, treats the whole person excellently.

M.R. Scottsdale, AZ


The natural, least invasive approach for the care and well-being of the body keeps the body in balance. This is what I have experienced with Dr. Kovalik. Her capacity to listen deeply is a remarkable testament to her dedication and ability.

Often a single nutrient, supplement, or specific food has transformed health issues into well being, such as Tinnitus and chronic constipation. Dr. Kovalik’s gifted use of acupuncture has assisted in the final healing of nausea and dizziness, a severely broken big toe, a minor knee injury from a fall and the corresponding back pain.

A visit with Dr. Kovalik is not the usual hassle, but a truly pleasant experience.

J.L. Scottsdale, AZ


Dr. Kovalik LISTENS AND CARES. When I had hormonal issues, she solved the problem and continues to do so. No matter what my medical ailment, she has found a natural remedy that worked. I appreciate her and her expertise over the last 9 years.

W.T. Phoenix, AZ


Dr. Christina Kovalik is a physician who listens and provides you with the best care in your wellness journey.  Every one of her patients feels a deep and confident connection to her because they can trust her and her knowledge to treat to them with the best results in their healthcare.  Dr. Christina has been my physician for over eight years and for this I am very grateful. It is a privilege to know Dr. Christina and be one her patients.

Sherry Anshara, Founder

QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness


I am VERY happy with the results of the filler Restylane.  Dr. Kovalik does beautiful work – in fact much better work than the plastic surgeon I saw years ago who injected Restylane.  With other practitioners, I have had a great deal of pain, a lot of bruising and swelling and marginal results.  With Dr. Kovalik, I have hardly any pain at all, no real swelling or bruising and fantastic results.  Thank you so much!!

K.T. Scottsdale AZ.


With so many treatment options in the world, how the heck do you decide the right course of action? How do you know, WHO you can trust? I have been a patient with Dr. Christina Kovalik for the last several years and cannot be more delighted, satisfied and HEALTHY in my life. Of course Dr. K has treated me for numerous things, arthritis, back pain, constipation, weight loss, hormones, etc. – ALL naturally. And when I do what I’m “supposed to” , the results are amazing! When life literally hit me in the head over a year ago, I found myself in the ER with what I assumed was an aneurism. Months of tests, shots into my skull, pain medication beyond mention, and it was still there – duller – but ever-looming and terrifying. Doctors weren’t sure what it was and my course of action was pain meds and nerve blocks. I was depressed and in pain.

But despite the pain, it was my vanity that had me inquire with Dr. K.  During this same period of time, I noted I was losing my hair – actually – HAD BEEN losing my hair but realized I was not producing any regrowth and had large bald spots along the crown of my head. I was already on thyroid medication, so we were pretty sure that wasn’t the cause, but we did blood tests to be sure. When all looked good there, Dr. K suggested we send my hair out for analysis. I was ready to try anything – and to my delight – the test and FULL BOOK of results in return was extremely affordable!

The book you get back from this analysis is amazing. You learn SO much about your body and what is working and what is not. Here we learned of my copper toxicity and dangerously impaired adrenal function. Both of which contribute to hair loss / lack of regrowth. And while that was exciting news, the amazing learning was that these can also cause SEVERE MIGRAINES. About a month after starting the treatment to flush the copper and boost my adrenals, my headache was COMPLETELY gone! Not a twinge, not a hint – GONE! AND my hair has returned! It has now been several months and my hair is fully restored and I haven’t had even one threat of a migraine. This adjective is over-used, but in this case, I earnestly share that Dr. K’s knowledge, compassion and holistic approach literally “changed my life.”

If you have something that ails you and you have not found a resolution, I highly recommend taking the time to chat with Dr. K. She’s “naturally” amazing.

To your health,

L.S. Age 48

Scottsdale, AZ


Hormonal Imbalance & Stress

I was warned that “the first several months might be rough going” while on the new regimen of herbs, to balance my hormones and cure my hot flashes, Dr. Kovalik prescribed back in 2009.  In retrospect, it wasn’t bad at all.  Dr. Kovalik’s understanding of my medical needs and caring, compassionate demeanor made for a comfortable and healthy chage in my life.  Under her regular care, my life has changed for the better.  Her expert acupuncture treatments have made a positive change in my stress level and well being.  She has two great ears that listen and together with me, the patient, worked to solve my medical needs.  W.T., Scottsdale, AZ


Since I’ve been treated by Dr. K, my energy level and health has improved immensely since I’ve gone through intensive chemo/radiation and numerous surgeries for cancer treatment.  Dr. K gave me back my life.  My attitude, outlook and energy is positive and rebounding.  She has impacted my life far beyond the treatment.  She takes the time to “listen” and gave me hope,  My life is moving forward thanks to Dr. K.  Thank you, Dr. Kovalik!  You’re INCREDIBLE!

D.P., Scottsdale


My husband and I had been trying to conceive for approximately one year with no results. After a visit to my gynecologist, she placed me on a 3 month regimen of Clomid and suggested that if this does not work I should make an appointment with a fertility specialist. Needless to say, the Clomid did not work. I was beginning to feel that I was too old to conceive since I was 38 and my husband 39. I knew I did not want to put my body through hormone injections, IVF or any other invasive procedure. A friend at work gave me Dr. Kovalik’s business card and I quickly made an appointment in July. She instantly put me at ease by explaining how acupuncture works and the methodology behind it.  She took a very thorough medical history; in fact I commented that I had never had a doctor spend so much time with me trying to find the root cause of my ailment. After a few hour long acupuncture treatments, Dr. Kovalik assessed that it was my adrenal glands and diet that were the culprits. An adrenal marker test later confirmed this. I was placed on an eating plan as well as special herbs and a tincture to better regulate my adrenals. In addition to weekly treatments, I was now charting my BBT (basal body temperature) on a daily basis. To my amazement, I was confirmed pregnant in October. Further testing indicated I was carrying a girl who is due in July 2010. I cannot thank Dr. Kovalik enough for this truly life changing experience. It had been the most positive experience I have ever had with a doctor in my life.

K.S., Scottsdale, AZ.


Dr. Kovalik is an amazing medical professional and has already improved my quality of life in the few weeks I’ve been seeing her. She is very intuitive and knowledgable at what she does. I will sing her praises to anyone that will listen!

K.M., Phoenix, AZ.


Dr. Christina is excellent at what she does. Not only is she knowledgeable in her field but she is warm, caring & understanding as well. She has helped to solve many of my medical problems. I would highly recommend her!

W.T., Scottsdale, AZ.


“After 3 years of unexplained amenorrhea, I decided to seek Dr. Kovalik’s help and after 5 months of weekly acupuncture and daily chinese herbs, I had 1 successful menstrual cycle. Several months later after continued treatment, I ovulated again, and got pregnant! My husband and I are beyond excited!”

N.C. Phoenix, AZ.


Dear Dr. Kovalik:

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for what you are doing to help me. I have a special gift of APPRECIATING and I definitely appreciate your help. As you know I have had a stomach problem amongst many other issues for years. I have been to some top notch doctors in N.Y. and the only help I ever received was tests and pain killers. I do not like pain killers and I believe in getting to the source of the problem. That’s the main point to my story. The problem I was having in regards to my stomach was debilitating. It forced me to stay at home until meds helped settle me down, or on work days I was running to the ladies room constantly. There seemed to be no end to the misery, embarrassment and discomfort. Besides all that the doctors kept telling me it was all in my head.

You listened carefully and you offered natural assistance that is working very well and is helping me to get out of the ladies room and has taken me off the meds. I am so happy to be part of the human race again. In the process you discovered I have an allergy to gluten, which was a major issue and now that my diet is geared for my stomach eating is not the horror process it once was.

You also put me on healthy supplements which my body needs and that is giving me more energy, health and stamina. I have also been receiving acupuncture from you which is amazing. I can actually feel the energy flow through my body. It helps me to relax and it helps my organs to perform better.

You are a very gentle, giving soul and a good listener. You give your complete attention and empathy to a patient and that does not go unnoticed. I am so grateful to have you on my side and to know that I can rely on you to be there for me.

So, with all that, I wish to thank you so much for all you have done and are doing for me. As you know I am 72 years old and look what you are doing for me. I feel 10 years younger because of you. If any of your patients need reassurance about you, I am here for you. Again I thank you.




I decided to contact Dr. Kovalik in December of 2007. A co-worker recommended that I try acupuncture to help balance out my menstrual cycle. I had my first visit in December. After having a miscarriage in August of 2007 I had not had a regular menstrual cycle.

Dr. Kovalik explained that all people respond to acupuncture differently. Two days after my first visit I started my period. I continued to see Dr. Kovalik once a week to maintain a healthy balance in my cycle. She also addressed other issues with my health at my visits.

During my visits we dealt with my thyroid disorder, headaches, and an eye twitch that I had for years. After two treatments my eye quit twitching. In late January I became pregnant and have maintained a healthy pregnancy. Our first baby is due in October of 2008.

We are very excited and believe that our pregnancy is a blessing. One that would not be achieved without the help we received from Dr. Kovalik.

Nicole, Phoenix


What a joy it is to have Christina Kovalik as my doctor! I have been grappling with the effects of menopause on my body for the past six years, and I have done a lot of my own personal research and reading, as well as pursuing assistance from traditonal and non-traditional physicians. In Dr. Christina’s case, “by George, I think she’s got it!” is appropo. Dr. Christina listened very carefully to my history and asked some questions about my personal life. From this, she was able to surmize that my adrenal system was pretty darn tired. Testing bore this out, and I am currently undergoing a natural treatment to bring my adrenal system back into harmonious alignment. I am finally losing weight and girth for the first time since I became menopausal. I am very excited to be on my way to being ME again!!

Having a visit with Dr. Christina is like a mini spa getaway. With her loving, holistic and natural treatments, I leave her office smiling and at peace. Dr. Christina is not looking for what’s wrong with me; she is partnering with me to assist me in acheiving maximum health and well-being. Now that’s a doctor I can trust!

Karen, Life Coach