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Benefits of Hair Analysis

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little-boyDid you know that a hair mineral analysis can often detect mineral imbalances sooner than any blood abnormalities? 

It can be useful in managing hormone imbalances of the thyroid, adrenals, female and male hormones, blood sugar/pancreas, lowered immunity, digestive function and may detect toxic minerals like aluminum, arsenic, and mercury.
It is helpful in understanding your metabolic rate, nervous system, and glandular systems. The hair sample is a great way to see how the minerals are affecting you at the cellular level because it is a safe, painless way to test your organs. With proper supplementation and dietary changes, the hair mineral analysis is a great tool in treating the root cause of imbalance naturally often before any changes are seen in a blood test.
If you are feeling anxious, stressed, low energy, trouble with weight loss, hair loss, have migraines, insomnia or feel out of balance, the Hair analysis may be a great place to start.

For more info, Call Dr. Kovalik 602-434-7922
Hair Analysis is on special this month for $100

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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain in 6 Steps

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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
in 6 Steps

Tired of gaining 5-10 pounds over the holidays?

Be proactive and follow the steps below to help you maintain or lose weight over the holidays.

1. Do a 3-7 day cleanse using fresh juices, whey protein, veggies, green tea, and herbal liver support. You can do this for 3 days prior and after an event to kick up your metabolism and detox. You can also eat protein smoothies for breakfast and lunch if you are planning to enjoy a holiday dinner.

2. Eat fiber chews in between meals or Flaxseed freshly ground in a protein smoothie to curb your appetite. You could also try Dr. Kovalik’s Homeopathic weight off drops.

3. Make healthy choices. Limit the bread, potatoes, crackers, and sugary carbs. If you know you are going to eat cookies, or holiday pie, skip the bread or pasta at dinner and eat more veggies and protein at the main course.

4. Exercise Regularly- It is important to get 20-30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times per week for the most health benefits. It is great to reduce stress and kick up your metabolism.

5. Get a Weight loss B shot and Acupuncture session. The weight loss b vitamin shot has b complex, folic acid, B12, and MIC (methionine, inositol, choline) which are natural fat burner b vitamins that can decrease the appetite, kick up your metabolism and enhance detox. Acupuncture can also help to reduce stress, decrease the appetite as well as an overall balancing effect.

6. Drink peppermint or green tea. Having a cup of tea makes you take some time out for yourself. Peppermint tea helps to cut sugar cravings, benefits digestion and is calming. Green tea, when freshly steeped is full of antioxidants. Even more antioxidants become released if you use the same bag for 2 cups. It can assist with weight loss if you drink 4 cups of unsweetened green tea throughout the day.

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Iodine Has Been Shown To Kill / Dissolve Cancer

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 IODINE Theraputics:  Anticancer, antibacterial, antiviral, alkalizing, antiparasitic, mucolytic and detoxing agent.
So Why aren’t people taking iodine?
IODINE is an essential nutrient that is severely lacking in the SAD-diet (Standard American Diet) and not enough is added to table salt. The RDA is also very low and most people require 12-50 grams per day of iodine. It can be found in seaweeds.
Another cause of low iodine is the high use of Flouride in toothpaste and water sources along with the toxic element- Bromide that is added to bakery products, gadotorade, sodas and certain medications. Both elements(Bromide and flouride) displace iodine at the receptor sites. This results in organ/ tissue dysfunction that may lead to thyroid, hormone imbalances, fatigue, fibromyalgia, pain and more…
Another thing that is disturbing is that there are studies that show the low iodine levels during pregnancy can cause Autism, ADHD, low IQ, thyroid problems and asthma in the child as well as thyroid imbalances postpartum. Most prenatal vitamins contain little to no iodine.   
Iodine is essential in hormone production and  protecting most tissues like the skin, ovaries, pancreas, liver, uterus, prostate, brain, eyes and thyroid. Iodine has been shown to treat fibrocystic breasts, shrink cysts on breasts, ovaries, thyroid, prostate, uterus or on the skin. It prevents cancer. It is also one of the most alkalizing agents that can help raise the pH of the body to reduce inflammation. 
If iodine solution is placed directly on the skin over a nodule or tumor the iodine displaces the cancer cells and shrinks the tumor. It is also important to take iodine solution orally that has both forms of iodine and iodide because certain tissues only respond to either iodine or iodide. Therefore it is most beneficial to take both for overall preventative and protective purposes.
Signs of Iodine deficiency:  Weight gain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, sleep abnormalities, goiter, low thyroid or overactive thyroid, breast cancer,  fibrocystic breasts, ovarian cysts, cognitive decline, memory loss, cardiovascular disease, obesity, infertility and diabetes and more…
While starting Iodine therapy some people may have some fatigue, uneasy feeling or metallic taste in the mouth. This is caused by the detoxing of Bromide. Most people who are iodine deficient are also Bromide toxic. Therefore it can be helpful to add Vitamin C, sea salt (1tsp/ day), chlorella and B-complex to aid in detoxing bromide. Certain dietary recommendations and detoxing may also be very helpful.
Importance of Testing the Iodine Loading test :In order to get on the highest effective dose and to monitor bromide and iodine, it is important to get a baseline reading before starting  iodine. After doing the Iodine loading test, a person would be on a quality iodine supplement from 3-6 months then may go down to a lower maintainence dose.
Dr. Kovalik would be happy to discuss this testing with you or to see if this therapy is right for you.
Resource: “Iodine: Why you need it Why you can’t live without it” Dr. David Brownstein MD.
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Skin Health: What does your skin say about you?

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What does your skin say about your health?  
Skin signs and symptoms of imbalance. skin
Your skin is your largest organ.  Skin cancer is very prevalent in AZ. It is important to evaluate your skin markings to see if any moles/ freckles have changed or any new lesions have appeared.
The basics for skin health is ABCDE’s of evaluating the skin lesion.
Melanoma is the most common form of skin cancer.  
A- Asymmetry-
Look at the borders. Are they symmetrical or irregular?B- Borders-
Are the borders even or irregularly notched?
C- Color- Variety of colors is a warning signal- A variety of browns, tan, black could be abnormal. If blue, red, black or bleeding could indicate melanoma
D- Diameter- Anything larger than 1/4″ could be associated with melanoma (if it has any of the other qualities- irregular border,
E- Evolving– Any mole that is growing or change in elevation, borders, colors, itching, crusting, bleeding etc. may be a red flag.
Other Common skin issues that have Nutritional treatments are:
Skin tags
glucose intolerance or insulin sensitivities. 
Cherry angiomas- red small mole like lesions. Associated with
hormone imbalance, bromide toxicity (found in some antidepressants, gatorade, and some breads)  or low iodine.
Acne- Commonly associated with food allergies, hormone imbalance, liver congestion, low Vitamin A/ Beta-carotene, EFA’s (Essential Fatty acids), Vitamin C and Zinc 
Bruising– Common in blood clotting problems, adrenal insufficiency, low Vitamin C, Zinc, Beta-carotene  
Follicular hyperkeratosis– excessive keratin development in hair follicles on the back of the thighs, arms and cheeks. They look like small pimples without the redness or pustules-
Deficiency in Omega 3, Zinc, Beta-carotene.
Eczema/ Psoriasis- Linked to
food allergies or possibly blood sugar imbalance- Deficiency  in EFA’s ( Essential Fatty Acids- Omega3)
allergy, liver congestion, thyroid imbalance  
Dry Skin- l
ow water intake, thyroid problems, Deficiency in EFA’s.
Excess Ear Wax build up
Low EFA’s
Take time to review your skin and have it checked by Dr. Kovalik or another practitioner.
Skin cancer is very treatable and preventable.
acup  SUMMER SPECIALS and Promotions
June/ July Specials
2 Half hour Acupuncture sessions $90 (Save $40)
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10 Weight loss B shots $200 (Normally $400)
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Thursdays- June 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th
Saturdays- June 8th and 22nd
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April Specials and Upcoming Events

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Get Spring Ready with Facial Rejuvenation.

All Dermal Fillers- Restylane or Perlane $350/syringe to fill moderate lines around the mouth, nose and deeper brow lines (Save $150)Dysport $3.50/unit normally $5/ unit


Thursdays April 11th and 25th
Saturdays April 6th and 20th

Spaces Fill up fast! Book now online or

Call 602-434-7922


April 17th- Get Spring Ready with Facial Rejuventatin Specials – Girls Night Out !!!

Located at Susan Menola’s new office- Beautiful Reflections- 7526 E Camelback Rd. Scottsdale, AZ. 85251

Get a Free Skin analysis by Susan Menola, LE.
Dr. Kovalik will be offering $3.50/unit Dysport and Weight loss b shots $30 at the event. Appointments and RSVP is required.


RSVP Required. Call 602-434-7922

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What do your nails say about your health?

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Did you know that your nails tell a story?  
White lines : heart disease, arsenic poisoning, liver disease
White spots: Thyroid problems, zinc deficiency, calcium deficiency, hydrochloric acid deficiency, fatigue
Yellow, opaque or clouded: candida systemic, diabetes, lymphatic problems, poor circulation, vitamin E deficiency
White (pale, without luster): anemia, general mineral deficiency, kidney or liver problems
Horizontal grooves: low vital force, throat, nerve or gallbladder issues, severe emotional or physical stress
Vertical Grooves (Ridges): Poor nutrient absorption, Vitamin A, calcium or protein deficiency, tendency to develop arthritis
Pitted: tendency to hair loss, psoriasis, vitamin c, folic acid or protein deficiency
Brittle, cracked, chips easily: Low hydrochloric acid, low absorption, protein, calcium, vitamin A or D deficiency,
Beaded on surface: prone to arthritis
Elevated tips: liver disorders, diabetes, lymphatic or respiratory problems
Hangnails: Protein and Zinc deficiency
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Thermography vs. Mammogram

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There has been some media attention about thermography vs mammogram. The standard of care in the western model is that every women should have a baseline mammogram at age 35 and definitely by 40 years old. Then have yearly mammograms after that. Some women may be required to get an ultrasound with a mammogram if there is a history of breast  cancer or cystic breast tissue. The unfortunate thing is that mammograms often can miss inflammatory breast cancer or any early indications of inflammation or imbalance in the breast tissues or lymphatics.

Thermography has gained some attention in that it is more efficient in detecting any abnormalities and is more preventative in that it can often change the readings with the appropriate nutritional and preventative attention. Thermography has been around since 1982, it is radiation free and uses digital infrared thermal imaging to detect any heat temp changes metabolically and physiologically that allows you to visualize areas of congestion, pain, inflammation, abnormal breast tissue and other conditions in the body.

For more information call or  go to
April 27th- Denovo Scans- Tina Clemmons, CCT will be offering Thermal scans in Dr. Kovalik’s Office.  Appointments are necessary for full body, half body and breast scans.
Special pricing is available for the 1st 10 people who sign up.

Call 602-434-7922 to book or for more info. 

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What Makes Your Heart Happy?

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What makes your heart happy?

Some people have a hard time knowing what they are passionate about, what makes them happy, or what their heart desires.  When you feel anxiety, sadness or frustration this is often a sign that you are out of balance or not living the life that your desire to live. Take time to focus on your heart’s desires by feeling gratitude for the things, people and experiences that you are grateful for. Feeling gratitude and love will expand the heart energy and it takes all the negative emotions out of the picture.
After truly feeling gratitude, ask yourself “What does my heart desire?” and be open to what surfaces.Another exercise that you can do to tap into your passion is to remember a time when you felt the most loved, appreciated, excited, empowered, confident, or a joyful memory or experience. Allow yourself to close your eyes and visualize every detail and emotion that you felt as if you are there now. Allow those feelings to surround you and engulf you. Then ask yourself ” What is your Passion?”  Again without judgement, be open to what surfaces.Then the next step is to take consistent action by identifying the steps necessary to help you reach that desire and following through with the plan to move forward.

Heart Healthy Foods

1. Mediterranean Diet– Research has shown that a diet that includes almonds, fish, wine, fruits, vegetables, and garlic can increase life expectancy and decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease by reducing inflammation.
2. Eat wild fish at least 2 times per week to decrease inflammation and lower risk ratios of cholesterol than statins.  Take an exceptional quality fish oil free of heavy metals and chemicals 2 grams per day.
3. Dark Chocolate– the darker the better for increased antioxidant properties- (Resveratrol and cocoa phenols flavonoids)- 1-2 pieces per day.
4.  Flaxseeds– 1-2tbsp freshly ground releases the omega 3 fatty acids that benefits cholesterol, the skin, brain and heart health.
5. Red wine- 1 glass per day helps increase HDL- good cholesterol. It has some resveratrol in it as well, and  it helps to thin the blood to reduce the risk of clots.

Weight Loss Tips/ Improve Energy/ Customized Programs

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Weight Loss Tips/ Improve Energy/ Customized Programs
wt loss Many People desire to lose weight at the new year. There are a few simple things you can do to make your weight loss program more successful.
1. Hold yourself accountable and be consistent with portions, exercise and frequency of small meals/snacks2. Make healthy choices. eat fresh veggies, lean meats and omit breads, fried foods, and sweets. Write a Diet Dairy.

3. Increase Fiber- 2 tbsp of flaxseed freshly ground helps you to feel full longer and is full of omega 3 essential fatty acids.

4. Drink more water- 8-10 glasses per day

5. Take good supplements- Multivitamin, calcium, magnesium. Dr. Kovalik has Metasol supplement to decrease middle fat, Homeopathic weight loss drops or HCG combo drops.

6. Protein shakes- whey protein increases detoxification and contains easy to digest proteins. Hemp and Rice proteins is a great alternative to whey sensitive patients.

7. Acupuncture and  Weight loss booster shots can kick up your metabolism, decrease your appetite and improve energy. It is a great supplement to your weight loss program.

Customized programs are available for weight loss, hormone imbalance, fatigue, allergies, and pain. Make your health a PRIORITY this year!!! Call to get more info today. 602-434-7922


Buy 2 Half Hour Sessions for $80
or 2 Hour Sessions for $140
Save $50
Limit one per person. Unlimited gift options.

Dysport $3/unit (Normally $4)
Restylane or Perlane -1 syringe for $399 (Save $76-101) for filling deep lines, the folds around the mouth and to lift the frown lines.

$50 Half Hour Acupuncture dates
Thursdays- Jan. 10th and 24th
Saturdays – Jan. 5th and 19th

Spaces Fill up Quickly! Book Now online or Call 602-434-7922

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Low Body Temp = Slow Metabolism

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Did you know that a low body temperature is associated with a slow metabolism? Many people have a low body temp (below 98.6) that inhibits the body’s ability to make and utilize key enzymes for metabolic health. About 3% people have Hypothyroidism, 30-40% have low body temp. Just because your thyroid blood tests are normal, may not necessarily mean that your metabolism is normal.

Symptoms of Low Body Temp:

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Weight Gain
  • Migraines
  • PMS, Irregular cycles and Infertility
  • Hair Loss
  • Fluid retention
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety/ Panic attacks
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Allergies and Asthma
  • Decreased Concentration/ memory
  • Low sex drive
  • Muscle and joint aches

 Benefits of T3 therapy and Normalizing Body Temp

  • Reset your metabolism by increasing body temp
  • Reset your thyroid to possibly get off medication
  • Feel Better by allowing the body to better utilize the enzymes required to balance and create hormones, cellular activity and to thrive.
  • Eliminate the yo-yo affect of thyroid medication and decrease symptoms

If you think you may have low body temp and would like to get more information, Contact Dr. Kovalik for treatment requirements and guidance.

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